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Therapy Vs Coaching

What do I choose to best meet my needs?

Therapy is a long term process that gives the client an opportunity to explore and resolves problematic beliefs and behaviours related to their past relationships or experiences. Usually these manifest in destructive and maladaptive habits that elicit negative and often difficult emotions which becomes cyclical. 

Coaching begins where the client currently is - their present. There is immediate action and future planning ensuring that the client progresses to their goals at a pace suitable for them.

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Online Therapy

Person-centered approach to therapy. You will lead the process and have full autonomy over your journey. 

My approach is integrative and individualistic as I use a combination of different therapeutic schools of thought depending on the needs of the client. 

The key approaches come from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Pyscho-dynamic Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy as well as techniques of Neuro Linguistic Psychology.

Trauma Recovery Coaching

Focus on empowering the individual. We work together to determine your view of the world after a traumatic experience and how this has impacted on your beliefs and you expectations of your future. 

You goals will become congruent with your expected outcomes as we engage in techniques that allow you to actively and consciously de-catastrophise your present perceptions and reality. 

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching

Focus on empowering the individual. This approach combines neuroscience with linguistics in an effort to understand how we think, speak and act.

This method works on the premise that you can make a conscious decision about what you want achieve, and be willing to actively change your beliefs to achieve your successful outcomes. 

NLP coaching can help you overcome limitations in your personal and professional life through the methods of Rapport building, Pacing, Leading, Anchoring, Re-framing, Hypno-coaching and Goal planning. We explore the patterns you use to communicate and using the above techniques create specific conscious strategies towards goal achievment.

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