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Image by Marie-Hélène Rots
Crystal Salt

Writing about myself has always felt like navigating unfamiliar terrain, but here’s my story.

Originally from the vibrant island of Trinidad and Tobago, my journey has led me to the serene landscapes of Norway. Growing up in a close-knit community where everyone was connected, I was cradled in a network of familial bonds that not only safeguarded my emotional well-being but also instilled in me the bravery to venture into new cultures and spaces.

My move to the UK in 2000 marked my first true encounter with loneliness and isolation, propelling me towards volunteering in community care homes. There, I met elderly individuals whose lively stories and resilience profoundly shaped my approach to life's challenges. These early experiences laid the groundwork for my dedication to understanding how people adapt to change and overcome adversity.

In 2005, I completed my postgraduate studies in Psychology, diving into various therapeutic approaches like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy under the mentorship of a BACP clinician in London. My academic path continued as I pursued a Master's in Law in 2007, driven by a desire to advocate for and protect the vulnerable.

A pivotal moment came on 24th November 2008, an event that reshaped my life unexpectedly. The path to recovery was long, but it led me not only to personal healing but to a deeper resilience that now defines both my life and my career.

It’s more than passion that drives me to empower those who have faced undue hardships; it's a profound sense of purpose cultivated through my own experiences of trauma and recovery.


This purpose has sharpened my focus on sexual trauma, a field where I feel I can make the most impactful contributions. With 18 years of professional practice, I am committed to supporting men, women, and children who are navigating the aftermath of childhood abuse, domestic violence, and other traumatic experiences.

My goal is to leverage my personal and professional insights to offer trauma-informed therapy that meets individuals wherever they are in their healing journey. I look forward to possibly being a part of your path to recovery.

For more details about my professional experiences and qualifications, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking the link below.

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